2012 Texas High School State Championships: Semifinals Set

The semifinals are set for the 2012 Texas high school water polo championships. On the girls side Clear Creek has made a surprise run to the semifinals. They finished third in the Houston-South region and in their first game defeated Denton which not unexpected, and in their quarterfinal matchup they got a break when the No. 4 seed out of Dallas in Denton defeated Tomball who was the No. 1 seed from the Houston-East region.

The rest of the girls bracket went as expected with Lamar, Clear Lake and Carroll advancing to the semifinals.

On the boys side St. Marks, Strake Jesuit, Lamar and Clear Creek have been dominante in their first two games, so the semifinal matches should be some good match ups. Of who is left Strake Jesuit is the favorite to win the title.

Here is the semifinal and finals schedule (all times central):

Girls semifinal No. 1: Clear Creek vs. Carroll, 10:20 a.m.
Girls semifinal No. 2: Lamar vs. Clear Lake, 10:20 a.m.
Boys semifinal No. 1: Strake Jesuit vs. St. Marks, 11:30 a.m.
Boys semifinal No. 2: Lamer vs. Clear Creek, 11:30 a.m.
Girls championship: 5 p.m.
Boys championship: 6 p.m.


Game Time G/B Dark Caps White Caps Pool *

* North Pool is to the right when viewed from the grandstands.

1 8:00 AM girls O'CONNOR 1 CLEAR CREEK 7 North

2 8:00 AM girls RYAN 5 TOMBALL 2 South

3 8:55 AM girls CARROL 6 CyFAIR 3 North

4 8:55 AM girls BRANDEIS 7 STERLING 16 South

5 9:50 AM boys BRANDEIS 7 ALVIN 12 North

6 9:50 AM boys DENTON 4 STRAKE JESUIT 21 South

7 10:45 AM boys St. MARK's 10 TOMBALL 5 North

8 10:45 AM boys CLARK 4 STERLING 9 South

9 11:40 AM girls ALAMO HEIGHTS 7 CLEAR SPRINGS 16 North

10 11:40 AM girls FLOWER MOUND 4 LAMAR 8 South

11 12:35 PM girls GUYER 3 CYPRESS CREEK 8 North

12 12:35 PM girls MARSHALL 2 CLEAR LAKE 14 South

13 1:30 PM boys ALAMO HEIGHTS 5 CLEAR FALLS 9 North

14 1:30 PM boys RYAN 10 LAMAR 18 South

15 2:25 PM boys CARROL 7 CYPRESS CREEK 4 North

16 2:25 PM boys MARSHALL 5 CLEAR CREEK 17 South


17 5:30 PM girls CLEAR CREEK 15 RYAN 8 North

18 5:30 PM girls CARROL 8 STERLING 7 South

19 6:25 PM girls CLEAR SPRINGS 6 LAMAR 8 North

20 6:25 PM girls CYPRESS CREEK 6 CLEAR LAKE 12 South

21 7:20 PM boys ALVIN 5 STRAKE JESUIT 17 North

22 7:20 PM boys St. MARK's 12 STERLING 1 South

23 8:15 PM boys CLEAR FALLS 4 LAMAR 15 North

24 8:15 PM boys CARROL 7 CLEAR CREEK 13 South

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