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Cal State Bakersfield Moving From WWPA To MPSF In 2013

Conference realignment has been one of the bigger stories within college football over the past two summers, but it is also affecting water polo as well. The San Diego St. Aztecs and Hawaii Warriors are moving all of their non-football sports to the Big West conference, and with that move the women's water polo teams are leaving the toughest conferences in the MPSF for the Big West. The move becomes official July 1, 2012.

That leaves the MPSF with only six teams, but the Cal State Bakersfield Roadrunners are moving from the WWPA to the MPSF to become the seventh member. With the move being a step up in competition there are also benefits that come from that. The MPSF has won every NCAA title since 2001 and has filled ever at-large spot for the NCAA tournament as well. Another added benefit will be that the top high school players will want to play in the best league, so Cal-State Bakersfield should be able to bring in more top talent to compete with the rest of the MPSF.

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