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Brown continuing to play like they are the favorite to win CWPA

Brown is staring to look like the favorite to represent the CWPA at the NCAA tournament.

Clive Rose

There is a lot more parody out on the East Coast this current college season. The favorites out of the CWPA are still Princeton, Navy, Brown and Bucknell. Each of those teams have lost to someone they probably should not have. Earlier in the season, we discussed this same topic about Brown being a legit favorite in the CWPA, and they are not disappointing.

Before we get to Brown, lets take a look at why other teams may not be as strong as Brown.

Navy has a road loss to Johns Hopkins, who has a 4-3 league record. That same Johns Hopkins team fell to Bucknell who has just a 3-5 league mark.

Bucknell shot up the polls and has been playing well late with wins over Princeton, Sana Clara and just this past week UC Davis. They seem to be hitting their stride, and despite their losing record in league play could be a player at Eastern championships in November.

Princeton, was the early season favorite, but they are 1-9 against ranked teams with their only win coming against Santa Clara. Plus, they are just 1-3 when Princeton is the higher ranked team.

Brown is the team that has the least objectionable losses. They are 23-2 and have won 14 straight games, and this past weekend defeated Air Force, Santa Clara and UC Davis, all ranked teams. Their two loses are against Johns Hopkins, an early season hiccup, and then a respectable 14-8 loss to UCLA.

These four teams will be the favorites come time for the Eastern Championships, but the way Brown just went out to the West Coast and took care of business has me believing they are the favorites.

Brown also is in the weaker Northern CWPA division, and in all likelihood will earn the top seed. St. Francis could pose a threat, but that is about it. However, the downside of that is that the South division is so much tougher, and the Eastern Championships is not seeded by ability, but rather a cross-over format. Assuming Brown wins the South, their first round game will likely be against Johns Hopkins or Bucknell. While the South winner will be matched up against the likes of Iona, Harvard, MIT or Fordham. None of those teams will pose a threat.

With the format going one game per day, that should not matter too much, but Brown better be on their 'A' game in that first round game. They way they have been beating up on ranked teams, they just seem like a team that can get it done. The one team that is of concern is Navy, because of all the East Coast favorites, Brown has yet to play them this year.