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St. Pius X Takes Georgia HS Title As Water Polo Grows

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Having grown from four high school teams to over 20, water polo is on the rise in Georgia.

Defending state champions Collins Hill could not hold off St. Pius X as the Golden Lions took their fourth title in six years. As reported in, St. Pius X can be tied directly to the growth of the sport in Georgia due to the school's outreach program which helps to support teams from other schools.

In the six years it has sanctioned water polo the Georgia High School Water Polo Association (GHSWPA) has grown to include 20 squads from 16 schools. The organization began with just four programs.

The sport is growing elsewhere in the South as Chris Ramsey, CEO of USA Water Polo, mentioned on October 22 efforts by his organization to help Tennessee swim coaches to start fielding high school water polo in the Volunteer State.

With type of growth in Georgia, hopefully some of these high school players will also continue to play at the varsity level.

Below is the entire of the state championship game.