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St. Francis forfeits games against Connecticut College, California Lutheran

St. Francis has to forfeit a pair of games after a player who was to be suspended for a flagrant misconduct for two games, but the player did not sit out any games.

Alexander Hassenstein - Getty Images

St. Francis had to forfeit games against Connecticut College and Cal Lutheran when a player did not sit out a pair of games when he was given a flagrant misconduct against Brown. CWPA commissioner Dan Sharadin released a statement on the situation:

"During a game between Brown University and Saint Francis College a player was awarded a Flagrant Misconduct. League rules require the player to be suspended for a minimum of two games. However, the player competed in the next two games against Connecticut College and California Lutheran.

When this was brought to our attention, we contacted their administration and coach and informed them of the situation. The coach indicated he was not aware of the rule and based on the circumstances, we do not believe the athlete played to gain a competitive advantage. Accordingly, the athlete was suspended for the next two consecutive games."

Not sure how head coach Igor Samardzija did not know the rules, but even though it was an honest mistake it is a huge one. The loss to Connecticut College does ding them in the Northern division standings, but that should not really affect their chances of advancing to the Eastern Championships.

Regardless, a coach needs to know the rules.