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2012 CWPA Southern Championships: All games available to be streamed

The CWPA Southern Championships are going to be available to be streamed online.

The 2012 CWPA Southern Championships will be able to be streamed online via Bucknell's website. However, to see all 20 games there is a charge associated with this. If one wants to have an all-access to pass to all 20 games, then it will cost $69.95, or $19.95 for a single game; the one exception is that any game Bucknell plays in costs $9.95.

The price is steep to see these games, but if you are a big water polo fan there is a way to check out these games. The best option in my opinion is to order the championships and third place games, because those will be the best games of the tournament. Not sure why the cost is so much, but at least games can be seen online and that is the most important thing.

One note, the Bucknell games will feature audio commentary as well as a multi-camera set up, but the non-Bucknell games will not have any audio, however they will still feature multi-camera action.