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UCLA recovers from early deficit to defeat Cal 10-9 in overtime

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Cal charged out to a 4-0 first quarter lead, but blew it as they lost to UCLA in sudden death overtime.

No. 7 ranked California Bears were playing as if nothing bad happend at the SoCal tournament last week, they were hosting No. 3 ranked UCL Bruins and the rout was on early. Cal raced out to a 4-0 first quarter lead and led 5-2 at the half. UCLA came roaring back to ultimately win the game 10-9 in sudden death overtime.

The Bruins were led by senior Josh Samuels with four goals with Lucas Reynolds and Paul Reynolds each contributing with a pair of goals each. Keeper Matt Rapacz had 10 saves in the win, which was UCLA's third straight over Cal.

Samuels ended up scoring the game winning goal in sudden death after converting on this game-winning five-meter make. This penalty shot would be his second of the game:

UCLA made their comeback came in the second half where they dominated the third period, 4-1. The first three goals of the third quarter were scored by UCLA to make it a 5-4 game. The first goal was scored by Lucas Reynolds from just two-meters out, and then Samuels put up his second goal of the game, aslo from the same close range.

Aimone Barabino was able to get UCLA within one as he scored off of a rebound that hit off the post on an errant Griffin White shot. Cal finally responded in the quarter at 2:59 when Collin Smith scored on a penalty shot. Then Samuels scored his second from long distance with 27 seconds left to close it to 6-5 at the end of the third period.

Cal's Marin Balarin opened the fourth quarter scoring by beating UCLA's senior goalkeeper on a skip shot to push the lead to 7-5 with 7:06 left in the game. UCLA'S Chris Wendt scored on a power play to once again make it a one-goal game at 7-6. Lucas Reynolds then scored the tying goal from two-meters with 3:43 to go in the fourth quarter, and that would be

Samuels scored his third goal of the game on a penalty shot, which gave UCLA its first lead of the game at 8-7 in the first overtime period. Paul Reynolds scored on a deep floater to give UCLA a 9-7 with 50 seconds left in the first overtime period. Cal's Hunter Gettelfinger scored on their next possession to make it 9-8 with five seconds after the first overtime period.

Cal was able to tie the game on a power play goal from Balarin, his third of the day, to tie the game at 9-9. Both teams had a chance in the final 30 seconds to get the win, but goalies from both sides were made saves to keep their team alive.

The game then went to sudden death where UCLA won the spring, and the first shot from Reynolds was a lob shot that blocked. So, UCLA had another chance, and they got the ball in the two-meter area and drew a penalty shot. Samuels was able to convert the five-meter penalty shot to get the victory.