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Officials announced for 2012 CWPA Eastern Championships

The seven officials who will be on the poll deck at the 2012 CWPA Eastern Championships have been announced.

The officials for the 2012 CWPA Eastern Championships were announced a few days ago, and while officials should not make a real difference in game outcomes, some actually do in water polo.

Some refs allow more of a physical play and let things go, or some really need to see that an ejection is occurred and then others like to have control of the game and have a quick whistle. None of those approaches are wrong, but it just means that the players, and coaches, must adjust to the style of officiating.

The six officials, plus alternate are: Michael Goldenberg, Josh Kratz, Bruce Morehouse, Humberto Navarro, Alex Stankevitch, Val Vasilchikov and the alterate is Hadi Farid.

Per league guidelines, all CWPA Championship officials are selected by the league's Technical Committee, chaired by CWPA Coordinator of Officials Ed Reed.

The 2012 CWPA Eastern Championships are being hosted by Princeton and begin Friday Nov. 16 with the quarterfinal matchups.