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CWPA Eastern tournament to be streamed online

The 2012 CWPA Eastern championships will be streamed online this weekend.

The 2012 CWPA Eastern Championships begins this Friday Nov. 16 on the campus of Princeton, and all of the games will be streamed online. The cost of the stream is either $10 per game, or a reasonable $25 for the entire session. There is no word on commentators or about the amount of camera angles.

This is a great way for those not able to travel to New Jersey to see games live, plus this year the first round is excellent since there were upsets in the Southern Division, meaning Brown will be playing Princeton in the first round. Plus, Navy will be squaring off against St. Francis, both matchups were thought to be semifinal, or even the championship games.

So, who knows with how the teams are so balanced, there could possibly be even some more upsets in the making. This is starting to sound like a commercial, but streaming water polo games is still fairly new, so just excited for this.