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2012 CWPA Southern championships results: Bucknell takes title, Mercyhurst qualifies for Easterns

Four teams have qualified for the Eastern championships out of the Southern division.

The CWPA Southern Division had some interesting results this weekend. The four teams that were going to advance to the Eastern championships in two weeks were pretty much guaranteed to be Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Navy and then either George Washington or Buknell.

The top two seeds, Navy and Princeton advanced as expected, as did No 4 seed Bucknell; however, the big shock was that Mercyhurst defeated No. 3 seeded Johns Hopkins to advance, and then Salem International, to advance to their first-ever CWPA Eastern Championships.

Mercyhurst had another historic win, as they defeated No. 2 seeded Princeton 12-11 to advance to the Southern Division championship, but their Cinderella post season run came to an end as they fell 9-4 to Bucknell.

Bucknell making it to the title game was a shock, as they defeated Navy 13-11, and were lead by Brian Barron who scored six goals.

With Navy falling to Bucknell, the expected title game between Princeton and Navy was now regulated to the third-place game. Princeton topped Navy 10-7 to earn the South's third seed for the Eastern Championships.

So, heading into the Eastern Championships in two weeks here is the South seeds.

1. Bucknell
2. Mercyhurst
3. Princeton
4. Navy

This certainly will shake things up for Easterns in two weeks, because Navy and Princeton now have tough matches where they will respectively face St. Francis and Brown in the first round.