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2012 CWPA Eastern Championships: Seeding, schedule announced

The 2012 Eastern Championships are hosted by Princeton, and begin play on Friday Nov. 16 and conclude on Sunday Nov. 18

Clive Rose

There were plenty of surprises at the North and South CWPA championships. The biggest surprise came from the South where Mercyhurst finished second, and Bucknell won the Southern title; that mean that Navy and Princeton were regulated to the third-place game.

The North was more calm, but there was an upset as host Brown fell to St. Francis in the title game. The seeding at the Eastern Championships are quite different than what people thought.

With the seedings not going as planned there are some very exciting matchups that will happen earller than expected. Throughout the next two weeks leading into the tournament we will be breaking down these teams and games.

Here is the CWPA Eastern schedule:


1st St. Francis 1st Bucknell
2nd Brown 2nd Mercyhurst

3rd MIT
3rd Princeton

4th Harvard 4th Navy

Friday, November 16, 2012

Game No. Results
11:30 Bucknell vs. Harvard 1
1:00 Brown
vs. Princeton
2:30 St. Francis vs. Navy 3
4:00 Mercyhurst
vs. MIT

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Game No.

1:30 Loser Game 2
vs. Loser Game 1
3:00 Loser Game 4
vs. Loser Game 3
4:30 Winner Game 1
vs. Winner Game 2
Winner Game 3 vs.
Winner Game 4
Sunday, November 18, 2012 Game No.
10:00 Loser Game 6 vs.
Loser Game 5
7th Place
11:30 Winner Game 5
vs. Winner Game 6
5th Place

1:00 Loser Game 8
vs. Loser Game 7
3rd Place
2:30 Winner Game 7
vs. Winner Game 8
1st Place