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Maryland could reinstate women's water polo

With Maryland's move to the Big Ten, the school is discussing about bringing back sports that were cut in the summer of 2012.

The Maryland Terrapins made a surprise move last week to leave the ACC and join the Big Ten to earn a lot more money. This extra money that the school will be earning will be used to bring back some of the sports that were cut this past summer.

Maryland President Wallace D. Loh helped ease a crowd that was not comfortable with the move by announcing that some of the sports would be brought back, and that could include women's water polo:

"absolutely committed to begin the process, to reinstate some of the teams [Maryland] had to terminate."

Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson stressed that it could take years to bring back some of those sports that were cut. The entrance to the Big Ten is not until July 1, 2014, so it will take at least one year to earn that Big Ten paycheck. So, it could be a few years before any of the cut sports are brought back in action.

This is huge news that Maryland is considering bringing back sports that they got rid off, and are not just pocketing the extra money that they are getting from the Big Ten.