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Announcement on Monmouth water polo expected soon

According to a source, Monmouth is expected to let the world know that their men's club water polo team will be making the jump to the varsity level.

In the 2012 CWPA Division III club title game recap, there was an ubiquitous quote about saying how Monmouth -- who just won the 2012 national title -- was promoting to the men's varsity ranks for the 2013 fall season. Since then there has been nothing announced by the school, and attempts to reach their athletic director have been unsuccessful.

However, according to a source with knowledge of the situation an announcement of Monmouth making the leap to the varsity level within the next week, possibly two.

The reasons for waiting to make an official announcement from something that was known over a month ago on Nov. 4. Regardless of when the announcement is going to made, adding a men's varsity team is huge. Especially, with Monmouth being in the Midwest, and just over 200 miles out of Chicago which has plenty of water polo talent to fill a competitive roster.