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Welcome To The Skip Shot

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Greetings all and welcome to The Skip Shot, SB Nation's latest blog which will be about water polo.

Specifically the site will cover all things related to United States water polo which will include the Olympics, the National teams, college both varsity and some club, high school and age group. As well as other timely news topics that arise. The site is already stocked with a few writers who have vast experience ranging from coaching, playing and being a ref from the age group to the college varsity level.

The water polo community is a small yet tight knit group of people however there are not a lot of options to discuss or get news about the sport online, and with SB Nation being a network that prides itself on each site being their own community my goal is to make this a place for fans of the sport to drop by and talk about the sport.

What the site plans to cover over the next few months will be women's varsity season that recently started, qualifying tournaments for the Olympics, the FINA World League, FINA World Championships and high school state championships. Plus other stuff.

So, sit back and hopefully you like what you see and you will make some return visits to the site or even bookmark the site, and as always feel free to contribute to the site with your own take or news with a comment, fan shot, fan post or email us at TheSkipShot AT gmail DOT com (

There is some content posted prior to this so check that out, and also look for a lot of quick hit interviews that I conducted with the majority of college women's programs this week.

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