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2012 UC-Irvine Invitational Schedule: Tournament Is Loaded With Top Teams

The 2012 UC Irivine Invitational begins on Saturday and is one of the best tournaments so far. It features 16 teams all of whom are ranked in the latest CWPA top 20 poll and every team that is ranked in the top 10, so the talent in the pool is going to be very high.

The teams participating are as follows with national ranking:

No. 1 Stanford Cardinal
No. 2 USC Trojans
No. 3 UCLA Bruins
No. 4 California Golden Bears
No. 5 Arizona St. Sun Devils
No. 6 Hawaii Warriors
No. 7 UC Irvine Anteaters
No. 8 San Jose St. Spartans
No. 9 San Diego St. Aztecs
No. 10 Loyola Marymount Lions
No. 12 Michigan Wolverines
No. 14 UC Davis Aggies
No. 15 UC Santa Barbra Gauchos
No 17 Cal. St.-Northridge Matadors
No. 19 UC San Diego Tritons
No. 20 Long Beach St. 49ers

Here is the complete schedule of the tournament (all times are pacific):

Saturday Feb. 25 at Corona Del Mar

Saturday Feb. 25 at UC Irvine Sunday Feb. 26 at Corona Del Mar Sunday Feb. 26 at UC Irvine
Game 1 (9:00 AM) Stanford
Game 5 (9:00 AM) USC
Game 17 (8:00 AM) W10 vs. W12 Game 21 (8:00 AM) L9 vs. L11
Game 2 (10:15 AM) SJSU
Game 6 (10:15 AM) UCI
Game 18 (9:15 AM) W14 vs. W16 Game 22 (9:15 AM) L13 vs. L15
Game 3 (11:30 AM) Cal
Game 7 (11:30 AM) UCLA
Game 19 (10:30 AM) L10 vs. L12 Game 23 (10:30 AM) W9 vs. W11
Game 4 (12:45 PM) Arizona St
UC Davis
Game 8 (12:45 PM) Hawai'i
Game 20 (11:45 AM) L14 vs. L16 Game 24 (11:45 AM) W13 vs. W15
Game 9 (2:00 PM) W1 vs. W2 Game 13 (2:00 PM) W5 vs. W6 Game 25 (1:30 PM) W17 vs. W18 Game 29 (1:30 PM) L21 vs. L22
Game 10 (3:15 PM) L1 vs. L2 Game 14 (3:15 PM) L5 vs. L6 Game 26 (2:45 PM) L17 vs. L18 Game 30 (2:45 PM) W21 vs. W22
Game 11 (4:30 PM) W3 vs. W4 Game 15 (4:30 PM) W7 vs. W8 Game 27 (4:00 PM) W19 vs. W20 Game 31 (4:00 PM) L23 vs. L24
Game 12 (5:45 PM) L3 vs. L4 Game 16 (5:45 PM) L7 vs. L8 Game 28 (5;15 PM) L19 vs. L20 Game 32 (5:15 PM) W23 vs. W24

UCI is also having a live blog on day one and day two, so that is a good spot to follow the action from people poolside, and of course leave your comments here on the games as well.

Also make sure to follow us on twitter for updates and here on The Skip Shot for an updated bracket and results over the weekend.

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