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Rule Changes Official For Men's NCAA Water Polo

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel has officially approved the changes for the men's varsity game:

PROP approved proposals in men’s water polo that limit the course to 25 meters and shorten the shot clock to 30 seconds. Both become effective in the 2012-13 academic year.

Previously, the men’s course was not to exceed 30 meters and the shot clock was 35 seconds. The changes are being implemented with the goal of producing more offense.

Scoring is the obvious reason to make the move, and I mentioned earlier in the week it could level the playing field with some of the teams. This will allow teams that lack depth to have their starters in the game longer and assist schools who do not have access to pools that could accommodate a 30 meter course to practice in.

Also, one big affect with this could spur expansion to the sport. Nearly every college has a swimming pool that is either 25 yards and/or 25 meters, and if there is a regulation pool in place then school administrators may elect to add water polo over a sport where they need to build something.

Plus with the shorter course more schools could host the NCAA championships and grow the sport that way.

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