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Interview With Cal State San Bernardino Head Coach Sarah Reneker Head Coach

Next up in the interview series comes from Cal State San Bernardino head coach Sarah Reneker. So far this year CSUSB is 3-11 on the year, but they had their best showing this past weekend at the Chapman tournament where they defeated Gannon and Mercyhurst University.

1. What expectations do you have this year for your team?

We are a fairly young team this year. It's definitely a building season for us, so I expect to see our team grow throughout the season and be able to come together more and more after every game we play.

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2. What are the strengths of your team?

I would say our strengths are our physical strength and mental strength. We are very strong and are a team who stays focused on the game no matter what the score may be.

3. What would qualify to you as a successful season this year?

As I mentioned before, we are a young team, so being able to come together as one and communicating in the water would qualify for being a successful season to me.

4. Can you tell me about your incoming freshman for this year and how they will fit into the team this year?

I have 6 incoming freshman and 2 junior transfers. Already, they have been able to prove that they can step in and get the job done. They're great team players and have a lot of heart.

5. What players do you think could have a breakout year?

I believe that Misty Vu, Junior, will have a breakout year. She's been our number one goal scorer that last two years and continues to grow and learn more about the game. She's a hard worker and a great leader in the water.

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