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Cooper City Cowboys Defeat Western Wildcats

The Cooper City High School girls and boy’s water polo teams dominated the Western Wildcats in their second district game of the season on Friday, March 9. The girls won with a final score of 28-6 and the boys with a score of 19-4.

The CCHS girls’ water polo team immediately took the lead at the start of the game, with a 7-2 lead by the end of the first quarter. Although Western was the first place district finalist last year, their loss to CCHS in the semifinals put them at a disadvantage for Thursday’s game. The Cowboys were beating the Wildcats by over 20 points by the end of the third period. With a final score of 28-6, the Cowboy captains, senior Serena Benner and junior Meris Drew, scored 10 goals each.

The CCHS boy’s water polo team also quickly took the lead in their game against the Wildcats, and held it throughout the entire game. They ended with a final score of 19-4 with multiple goals made by senior Matthew Plunket, sophomore Patrick Ellis, and sophomore Brandon Bogumil.

Since Western high school and Cooper City are no longer in the same district, the match did not count as much towards their official record. However, while Western was once the team to beat in Broward County, it looks like the Cowboy are taking over.