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2012 London Olympics Will Be Streamed Live Via YouTube

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All I can say is about time. The 2012 London Olympic Games will be entirely streamed live via YouTube. NBC who owns the rights to the Olympics has refused to show live events online or give more than snippets of highlights to ESPN, and that was only done when they made a deal to give NBC the Al Michaels in exchange for I think 90 seconds of highlights.

NBC does do a great job of streaming Sunday Night Football on their website, but Silverlight is a joke so they partnered with YouTube to show everything live.

This is pretty cool since most events will be taking place during business hours in the United States, and it gives the viewer access to watch any event they want instead of being forced fed those feel-good stories during prime time or just the big events.

Now, whether it be archery, ping pong or other minor sports it can all be had, and obviously this makes me giddy since I can now watch all of the water polo action instead of bits and pieces of it when it was on television or on NBC's Olympic website.

There is no news about if these events will be stored on YouTube to watch at anytime, but I assume or hope they would. However, NBC is so strict I am not sure.

If events can be watched after the fact it will allow the site to do some more advanced stat work at the highest level, so that is what I am really looking forward to.

Rejoice in the fact that we can watch all of the water polo action online of the United States teams and not just when they have a good run or the finals that may or may not include the United States.

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