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Interview With Ransom Everglades Goalie Ashleigh Johnson

Ashleigh Johnson is a goalie for the Ransom Everglades High School varsity girls’ water polo team. A water polo player for 7 years, Johnson has proven herself to be a water polo powerhouse, as possibly being the best female water polo goalie in the nation. She was kind enough to answer a few questions about her current athletic success as well as her future success that is sure to come.

1.What is your favorite thing about water polo?

What I like most about the sport is that no individual can win the game; it has to be everybody working together.

2.Your team was the FHSAA State Champion last year. How is your team looking this season so far?

My team is composed of a lot fairly inexperienced players, but we're really starting to come together as the season progresses.

3.Where do you see your water polo career going in the future?

I will be playing water polo for Princeton University next year. However, farther in the future, I don’t want my whole life to revolve around water polo, but I still want to play and be good at it. I'm going to study hard because I want to be a doctor and I am going to have fun playing water polo.

4.What does water polo mean to you?

To me, water polo has been a way for me to receive many great opportunities that i wouldn't have without it including, traveling to different countries and experiencing different cultures, and receiving a great education. Through water polo, i have also made many great friends who I think will be with me for the rest of my life.