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Four Nations Tournament Begins Friday Night With USA Hosting Italy

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The Four Nations tournament kicks off today between the United States, Italy, Germany and Montenegro. The tournament is being held at California Lutheran University in Thousands Oaks, Calif (walk-up tickets are still available). This is a big tournament leading up to the Olympics for the U.S. team as they face Italy who is one of the favorites to medal in London. Italy won the 2011 FINA World Championships and was runner up in the 2011 FINA World League, and face team USA in Friday's opening match. The U.S. team finished fourth and Montenegro finished fifth.

Below is a compete schedule and rosters for each team, also on Sunday the games will be shown online, presumable on Universal Sports however I am trying to verify that. If they are on Universal Sports they usually allow their live feed to be embedded so look for that on the site on Sunday.

2012 Four Nations Schedule - All times Pacific Standard Time

Fri - March 23 - USA vs. Italy - 5:30pm
Sat- March 24 - Italy vs. Montenegro - 2:30pm
Sat - March 24 - USA vs. Germany - 4:00pm
Sun - March 25 - Italy vs. Germany - 2:30pm
Sun - March 25 - USA vs. Montenegro - 4:00pm

Team Rosters

USA (roster will change for each of the three matches)
1. Merrill Moses
2. Peter Varellas
3. Peter Hudnut
4. Jeff Powers
5. Adam Wright
6. Shea Buckner/Brian Alexander/Brian Alexander
7. Layne Beaubien
8. Tony Azevedo
9. Ryan Bailey
10. Tim Hutten
11. Jesse Smith
12. JW Krumpholz/John Mann/JW Krumpholz
13. Andy Stevens/Chay Lapin/John Mann
14. Jeff Tyrrell/Shea Buckner/Jeff Tyrrell
15. Janson Wigo/Janson Wigo/N/A

1. Alexander Tchigir
1. Roger Kong
2. Florian Naroska
3. Fabian Schroedter
4. Julian Real
5. Marko Stamm
6. Marc Politze
7. Erik Bukowski
8. Paul Schüler
9. Tobias Kreuzmann
10. Moritz Oeler
11. Andreas Schlotterbeck
12. Sven Roessing
13. Tim Wollthan
14. Tobias Preuss
15. Dennis Eidner
16. Maurice Jüngling

1. Zdravko Radić
2. Draško Brguljan
3. Vjekoslav Pasković
4. Antonio Petrović
5. Filip Klikovac
6. Aleksandar Radović
7. Mlađan Janović
8. Nikola Janović
9. Aleksandar Ivović
10. Boris Zloković
11. Vladimir Gojković
12. Predrag Jokić
13. Miloš Šćepanović
14. Nikola Vukcevic
15. Darko Brguljan


Matteo Aicard
Zeno Bertoli
Arnaldo Deserti
Maurizio Felugo
Pietro Figlioli
Deni Fiorentini
Valentino Gallo
Massimo Giacoppo
Niccolò Gitto
Stefano Luongo
Giacomo Pastorino
Christian Presciutti
Stefano Tempesti

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