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MPSF Standings: UCLA, Stanford At The Top

The MPSF season is about halfway through and the UCLA Bruins and Stanford Cardinal are at the top of the league and look to be on their way to the NCAA tournament with USC and Cal sitting in decent position sitting at No. 3 and No. 4 in league play. However, both still play Stanford in league play and that will provide a chance to get a high quality win.


The Arizona St. Sun Devils who I was high on this year after they beat Cal, but they are still a step behind after losing to UCLA and USC. The Sun Devils have improved this year and can contend with those top teams and could win if they play a perfect game.

There are two big games this week in MPSF play is Arizona State at Stanford and California at USC. If Arizona State is able to pull off the upset then it will change the complexity of the MPSF standings, however do ont see that happening. In the California vs. USC game the winner has the leg up the third at-large bid that is more than likely coming to the MPSF.

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