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Florida High School Water Polo Preview

When people think of Florida, they automatically think of sunshine, sand and swimming. So, one would expect that a sport like water polo would be popular in a place surrounded by water. However, this surprisingly is not the case. Out of the 283 high schools in Florida, only 48 of them have official water polo teams that are registered with the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA).

Although the spot is not highly regarded, nor majorly focused on by the local media, water polo in Florida has becoming a popular sport in the making as more and more schools are trying to form their own teams. While many Florida teams are improving more and more each season, there are a few teams that shine above the rest. These are the top high school water polo teams and players in Florida based on past success and future predictions.


1.Ransom Everglades High School: FHSAA State Champions in 2010 and 2011.

Who to watch: Ashleigh Johnson, Sr. (signed to Princeton University); Chelsea Johnson, So.; Gaby Surure, Sr. (signed to Michigan State University)

2. Gulliver Preparatory School: FHSAA State semi-finalist 2011

Who to watch: Katja Rochs, Jr.; Isa Granados, Jr.; Camila Scaffer, So.

3.Winterpark High School: FHSAA State Runner-Up, 2011

Who to watch: Kelly Martin, Sr.; Abigail Glennon, Sr.

4.Cooper City High School: FHSAA State semi-finalist, 2011

Who to watch: Serena Benner, Sr; Maria Pitt, Sr.; Emily Aron, Sr.; Meris Drew, Jr.

5.Westminister High School: State quarterfinalist, 2011

Who to watch: Caroline Israels, Jr.; Mary Elizabeth Mahoney, Fr.; Koral LaStella, Fr.;


1.Saint Andrew High School: FHSAA State Champions, 2011

Who to watch: Quinn Cassidy, Jr.

2.Gulliver Preparatory High School: FHSAA State Runner-Up, 2011

Who to watch: Kenny Cutler, Sr.; Carlos Heros, Sr.; Matthew Friedland, Jr.

3.Cypress Bay High School: FHSAA State Semi-Finalist, 2011

Who to watch: Aitor Sahonero, Sr.; Santiago Rengifo, Sr.; Franz Muller

4.Pembroke Pines Charter High School: State Quarterfinalist, 2011

Who to watch: Shane Strump, Jr.; Blake Kelley, So.; Ivan Katusa, Jr.

5.Saint Thomas Aquainas High School: District Champions, 2011

Who to watch: R.J. Moore, Jr.; Max Lettau, So.; Anthony Pasarin, Jr