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Interview With Princeton Head Coach Luis Nicolao

Princeton Tigers head coach Luis Nicolao was kind enough to answer a few questions about the current season. So far Princeton is 14-1 and just suffered the their first loss of the year when they lost to No. 12 ranked San Jose St. Spartans 13-12.

1. What expectations do you have this year for your team?

Every year we hope to put ourselves in a position to represent the East at NCAA's and this year is no different. We know this will not be easy but plan to do all we can to try to make it happen.

2. What are the strengths of your team?

We return a really nice group along with some freshman that should contribute right away. I think our biggest strength may be our depth.

3. What would qualify to you as a successful season this year?

For me it is playing the best polo we can at the end of the year, so much has to bounce right to win an eastern championship. I would be thrilled if we were playing our best water polo at the end and then take our chances.

4. Can you tell me about your incoming freshman for this year and how they will fit into the team this year?

We have a nice group of ladies coming in, they should all have an impact. For us to be successful we need everybody on this team to contribute.

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