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2012 CWPA Eastern Championships: Seeding To Be Released On Tuesday

The 2012 Women's CWPA Eastern Championships seeding will be released on Tuesday. Per league rules the Princeton Tigers and Michigan Wolverines will take the top two spots with the rest of the spots given out to the remaning 11 teams.

The committee which was chosen this past summer to decide the seeding is head coach Matthew Anderson from Michigan and Hartwick head coach Alan Huckins of the Western Divsion, Luis Nicolao from Princeton and Felix Mercado or Brown from the Southern Division, and neutral representative in J.J. Addison from Connecticut College.

The coaches are to take into account all games against all opponents when seeding the Eastern Championships which will take place at Brown's new facilities on April 27-29.

In caes you do not want to wait until then to find out who is seeded where, just go check out our predictions made earlier today.

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