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CWPA Southern Standings: Princeton Wins Regular Season Title

The regular season of CWPA play is complete for the Southern Division schools and so is the the seeding for the Southern Division championships.It was Princeton who raced through league play unscathed, but it was not easy as they narrowly escaped in a 9-8 win. There is a sizable gap between top seeded Princeton and No. 3 seeded Brown since when those two teams met Brown lost 18-8, but they did upset the Michigan Wolverines 7-5 which could have been an anomaly.

Here are the final standings:

Regular Season

Regular Season Standing Team Win Loss Points
Princeton Tigers 5 0 10

2 Harvard Crimson 4 1 8

3 Brown Bears
3 2 6

Bucknell Bison 2 3 4

5 George Washington Colonials
1 4 2

6 Mercyhurst University
0 5 0

Here is the Southern Championships schedule which is taking place at Bucknell on April 14 and 15. Due to some restructuring within CWPA, all teams do go onto the Eastern Championships, so this tournament is one last chance to improve seeding.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

1st Seed - Princeton vs. 5th Seed - George Washington

2nd Seed - Harvard vs. 6th Seed - Mercyhurst

4th Seed - Bucknell vs. 5th Seed - George Washington

3rd Seed - Brown vs. 6th Seed - Mercyhurst

4th Seed - Bucknell vs. 1st Seed - Princeton

2nd Seed - Harvard vs. 3rd Seed - Brown

Sunday, April 15, 2012

3rd in Bracket A vs. 3rd in Bracket B -- Fifth Place

2nd in Bracket B vs. 2nd in Bracket A -- Third Place

1st in Bracket A vs. 1st in Bracket B -- First Place

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