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Latest Florida High School Water Polo Results: Week of 4/2-4/6

Boys’ water polo

FLANAGAN 19, DOUGLAS 3: Juan Garcia and Kevin Fernandez each scored seven goals to lead the Falcons (7-5). Andy Hoffman had two goals for the Eagles (0-10).

WESTMINSTER ACADEMY 13, SOUTH BROWARD 5: David Imber had five goals for the Lions. Milos Mladenovic scored four goals and Richard Cook added 20 saves and a goal for the Bulldogs (1-7).

PEMBROKE PINES CHARTER 18, NORTHEAST 10: Blake Kelley led the Jaguars with six goals. Taylor Stewart scored seven times for the Hurricanes.

Girls’ water polo

DOUGLAS 16, FLANAGAN 2: Mallory Rusinowski had six goals, while Morgan Cole added three goals for the Eagles (6-4). Monica Patino had two goals for the Falcons (3-9).

DEERFIELD BEACH 13, WESTERN 7: Nikki Jacobs had six goals to lead the Bucks. A.J. Travatt added three scores.

WESTMNISTER ACADEMY 19, SOUTH BROWARD 11: Caroline Israels scored seven times for Lions. Sara Kurtevski made 18 saves and Catie Johnson had six goals for the Bulldogs (4-4).

PEMBROKE PINES CHARTER 16, NORTHEAST 6: Janine Opalka had five goals for the Jaguars. Osiana McReed had three goals for the Hurricanes.

(Statistics curtsey of the South Florida Sun Sentinel)