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Apologizes For The Past Weekend, But Looking Strong Going Forward

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This past week and weekend was to be huge for the site with the women's NCAA championship going down (congrats Stanford) and the FINA World League prelims going on the men's side where men's United States team went 4-0.

However, in my personal life there was some sick family members who were in the hospital for a week plus so I could not muster up to finishing writing or cover either events this weekend, and then I was out of town for my sisters wedding this past weekend and those can always be hectic. So, my time was limited and for those who read the site (I know it's small and slowly growing, but thanks) I am sorry there was basically no coverage of either events.

Now, to the bright side is that the Olympics coming up soon so look for coverage on that which will include previews of opposing teams which might include me using google translator to be able to decipher content from foreign countries. High school championships are wrapping up so look for some stuff from a few states, and also Team USA has the Fisher Cup this weekend and a week long exhibition series between the United States, Croatia and Hungary.

So there are some stuff to fill the site with. Also, a big thanks to LA Bruin who has been providing some Fan Shots to the site, and a side note anyone who is a member of the site can writer their own entries via a Fan Post or interesting links or video through a Fan Shot.

Now, full steam ahead.