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2012 London Olympics: Men's, Women's Water Polo Draw Announced

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The draw for the men's and women's water polo at the 2012 London Olympic Games have been announced at the end of the preliminary rounds at the Test Event at the new water polo arena in London. The draw is set up depending how each team qualified for the Olympic Games which was either through the Olympic qualifying tournament, FINA World League, regional tournament or World Championships.

Pool play has each team playing all teams in their group before they move onto the quarterfinal rounds. On the men's side eight of the 12 advance to the quarterfinals while all eight teams on the women's side move on to the quarterfinal round.

Here is the men's and women's draw for the 2012 London Olympic Games:

Group A Group B
Greece Hungary
Italy Montenegro
Kazakhstan Romania
Spain Great Britain
Australia United States
Croatia Serbia
Group A Group B
Hungary Italy
Spain Great Britain
China Russia
United States Australia