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New ACC Television Media Deal Will Not Save Maryland Water Polo Team

The new TV deal that the ACC signed will not be enough to save cut sports.

Back in early June the ACC signed a 15-year media rights deal that was to pay each member institution $17 million per year. That amount was to to pay each school $4 million more per year, and with the Maryland Terrapins there was hope that some of the non-revenue sports that were to be cut might have a second chance.

While the $17 million per year is $4 million more per year than their prior deal, the new contract does not pay that up front, but rather it offers an incremental increase each year with the first year only being an increase of $1 million.

Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson also sent out a letter to the university on the topic:

Unfortunately, this money will not assist the Save Our Sports campaign. The President's Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics took into account the expansion-related increase in the television contracts when it forecasted future revenue, prior to making the recommendation to discontinue sports. So the increase in the television contract is not "new" money for budgeting purposes.

This is unfortunate to hear that none of the sports could be saved with this increase in money. Perhaps down the road when the contract yields more money they will be able to resurrect some sports.

As of now the women's water polo team has until June 30 to reach their goal of of $1,051,341 but they have raised only $33,736 so far.

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