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Men's College Recruiting: George Washington Adds Four to Youthful Roster

A recruiting class of four can signal tough times for a program. But with a group of talented juniors and not one senior having graduated in 2011-12 George Washington has bolstered its young program with a diverse group. The Colonials recently announced the addition of these four for the 2012 season:

  • Connor Dillon, Goalkeeper (Los Gatos, CA/Menlo School)
  • Jonah Dowd, Utility (Claremont, CA/Claremont High)
  • Bogdan Petkovic, Center Defender (Belgrade, Serbia/Sports High School)
  • Alec Sedlachek, Center (Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA/Palos Verdes High)

Particularly interesting will be Dillon, who "...will push (incumbent goalie) Cameron Illes every practice" according to Coach Scott Reed. But despite Illes excellent 2011 season, the Jack Bowen-coached Dillon could do more than just offer practice compeition.

The Serb, Petkovic, boasts an impressive resume of international experience, which could be highly valuable against his fellow Europeans dotting rival East Coast rosters.