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Pac-12 Networks To Broadcast Seven Men's Water Polo Games

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The Pac-12 Networks released another set of events which will be broadcast across their networks, and in the new announcement there will be seven men's water polo games broadcast. One thing that is not clear from the press release is that if these games will be on the national network or one of the six regional networks.

The premiere game will be the Sept. 22 matchup between Loyola Marymount at UCLA, and there will be one weekend featuring a double header on Oct. 6 with UCLA taking on Cal and USC at Stanford.

This is a huge deal and something that was expected with the regional network presence as well as their Internet channel. Hopefully there can be more games added especially the NCAA tournament, and if the viewership is reasonable maybe ESPNU or CBS Sports Network can get in on the action and show water polo; even if on tape-delay.

It is highly unlikely that any of these games will be on the national network since every game but one lands on a Saturday. Per the football contract every game will be broadcast whether it being on the ESPN family of networks, FOX, FX or the Pac-12 national network. So, unless these games have a morning start time -- or somehow do not conflict with a football game -- they will be shown on one of the regional networks, and either live or on demand via the internet.

For those unaware, the Pac-12 Networks currently has a deal with Time Warner, Comcast and Brighthouse cable, and neither of the satellite companies have signed on as of yet. The network launches on Aug. 15.

Here is the current games that will be aired:

2012 Pac-12 Networks Men’s Water Polo Televised Schedule
Date Time (PT) Matchup
Sept. 22 TBD Loyola Marymount at UCLA
Sept. 29 TBD Princeton at USC
Oct. 6 TBD UCLA at California
Oct. 6 TBD USC at Stanford
Oct. 20 TBD Stanford at California
Nov. 9 TBD Stanford at UCLA
Nov. 17 TBD UCLA at USC

Game times will be known six- or 12-days before the contest, and there is that same time frame is when more televised games could be added if the networks decided to do so.

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