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London Olympics 2012: Get Your Team USA Water Polo Trading Cards

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With the Olympic rosters set on both the men's and women's side for the United States water polo team for London, USA Water Polo has decided to commemorate the 2012 London Games with a set of trading cards featuring the full rosters of both the men's and women's teams.

The set will feature all Olympians on the men's and women's side with a player bio on the back of the card and are a reasonable $12.95 for the entire set. These are a pretty cool item to just have, and a few will have some historical significance as Brenda Villa, Tony Azevedo and Ryan Bailey are all becoming the first United States water polo players to compete in four Olympic Games.

So, if you like mementos and history then go out and splurge on the $13 26-card trading card set.

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