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2012 United States Men's Olympic Roster Nearly Complete

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The United States men's water polo team was to make the official announcement for the 13 players that will represent the Team USA at the 2012 London Olympic Games. However, head coach Terry Schroeder has narrowed the team down to 14 players because of player injuries, so the official list of 13 players will be named later this month.

Here is the updated roster:

• Tony Azevedo - Attacker (Long Beach, CA/Stanford ‘03/NYAC)
• Ryan Bailey - Center (Long Beach, CA/UC-Irvine ‘98/Newport WPF)
• Layne Beaubien - Defender (Coronado, CA/Stanford ‘99/NYAC)
• Shea Buckner - Attacker (Villa Park, CA/USC ‘10/NYAC)
• Peter Hudnut - Defender (Encino, CA/Stanford ‘03/NYAC)
• Tim Hutten - Defender (Seal Beach, CA/UC-Irvine ‘08/Newport WPF)
• J.W. Krumpholz - Center (Santa Ana, CA/USC ‘10/NYAC)
• Chay Lapin - Goalkeeper (Long Beach, CA/UCLA '09/Shore Aquatics)
• John Mann - Center (Newport Beach, CA/California ‘07/NYAC)
• Merrill Moses - Goalkeeper (Palos Verdes, CA/Pepperdine ‘00/NYAC)
• Jeff Powers - Defender (San Luis Obispo, CA UC-Irvine ‘03/Newport WPF)
• Jesse Smith - Utility (Coronado, CA/Pepperdine ‘05/NYAC)
• Peter Varellas - Attacker (Moraga, CA/Stanford ‘06/Olympic Club)
• Adam Wright - Attacker (Seal Beach, CA/UCLA ‘01/NYAC)

This Olympic team is much more seasoned than one's in the past as most of the players have been together for 12 years The most veteran are Azevedo and Bailey who are poised to be the first four-time water polo Olympians ever for the United States in water polo, nine others have completed in at least one Olympic Games and three have not completed any.

This squad has been there before and most of the team is back from the silver medal team in the 2008 Beijing Games, and with their recent wins over Croatia and Hungary they are primed to have a good Olympics.

As for the final person to not make the team it likely will be attacker Shea Buckner just because of his lack of experience on the international stage. John Mann has played well over the past few competitions and Chay Lapin is most likely going because it is unlikely that the United States will carry just one goal keeper.

It could possibly be J.W. Krumpholz since he suffered a concussion during the prelims of FINA World League play, but that seems unlikely unless he does not fully recover.

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