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Maryland Officially Drops Women's Water Polo

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The Maryland women's water polo team did not raise the funds to be able to keep their sport from being cut.

The June 30 deadline for the Maryland Terrapins women's water polo team is officially no more. The school was unable to meet the fundraising goal so they are dropping the program. Six other sports were dropped at Maryland, but losing one of the premiere programs on the East Coast is a huge loss for the sport of water polo.

In Maryland's case they added sports too soon after winning a basketball national title and had excellent success on the football field that included going to the Orange Bowl. With the extra revenue coming more sports were added, but the money making sports could not keep up their success to help fund these non-revenue sports.

The Maryland water polo team was competitve in the CWPA and was ranked during the majority of their time as varsity program. This past year they were ranked as high as No. 10 and had a good chance at earning a trip to the NCAA tournament.

Losing teams in a sport that can not afford to really is a big disappointment, especially one that was nationally relevant and competed for titles, and now the players who came to the school to play varsity water polo now must decide what to do next.

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