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Olympic Opening Ceremonies Tape Delayed Live Thread: We Know It Already Happened, But Join Us Anyways

The Opening Ceremonies for the London Olympics are already in the books, and unless you were either in any other part of the world or found an illegal feed no one in the United States could see this spectacle of all spectacles live, so thanks NBC. There is no online stream, at all, even after the fact, and what is even more dubious is that if you live out in the Mountain or Pacific time zones we all get the double-tape delay. The East Coast feed begins at 7:30 p.m. ET so lets begin with that if you live in the Eastern or Central time zone.

Since a lot of people may have been following on Twitter, I certainly have. I will provide what happened during the Opening Ceremonies for the most part via .GIFs, photos and some context. Also, if you are into this sort of thing Matt Ufford at SB Nation created a drinking game just for the occasion.

Here is a sneak peak by NBC, surprised they posted any video at all:

Also, if you find any great photos, .GIFs or video; please post in the comments section. Here ya go.


Via SB Nation


Via SB Nation


Via SB Nation


Via SB Nation


Via SB Nation