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Olympic Water Polo Standings: Team USA Is Tied For First In Group B

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The first day of men's water polo at the Summer Olympics are over and the big surprise was that three-time defending Olympic champion Hungary lost their first match in over 12 years as they fell to Serbia 14-10. The United States got off to a good start as they narrowly defeated Montenegro 8-7.

Here are the rest of the results from the first day of action:

Croatia defeated Greece 8-6
Spain defeated Kazakhstan 14-6
Italy defeated Australia 8-5
Romania defeated Great Britain 13-4

Here are the standings after Day 1:

Group A Group B
1. Italy (1-0) 1. United States (1-0)
1. Spain (1-0) 1. Romania (1-0)
1. Croatia (1-0) 1. Serbia (1-0)
4. Greece (0-1) 4. Great Britain (0-1)
4. Kazakhstan (0-1) 4. Hungary (0-1)
4. Australia (0-1) 4. Montenegro (0-1)

Men's water polo action gets back underway on Tuesday.

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