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"Lunging to London" Kicks Off In Front of 3,000 at Stanford

PALO ALTO, Calif. – The 17-8 victory over Hungary by the US women on Monday's "Lunging to London" exhibition was almost incidental to the overall success of the event. Over 3,000 fans filled the Stanford stands where they were encouraged to ask questions of US Head Coach Adam Krikorian and vote for the game MVP via Twitter. A large screen monitor augmented the scoreboard to show live action and game replays, and other video productions during downtime - overall, an impressive production by organizers.

Meanwhile in the pool, Hungary's defense largely took the afternoon off and both their goalkeepers, Bolonyai and Gangl, took turns failing to prevent some impressive American shooting (four players had three goals each). The Americans were simply superior that day and by halftime it was evident that Hungary had no answer to the varied offensive threats of the US. The American defense was well organized and anchored by goalkeeper Betsey Armstrong who was largely unthreatened.

The "Lunging to London" series vs. Hungary continues with a match tonight at Los Alamitos' Armed Forces Training Center at 7pm.