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PHOTO: NBC Inadvertently Airs Wardrobe Malfunction In Women's United States Vs. Spain Game

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For those who have been watching water polo this Olympics is a brutal sport and there is a lot of grabbing, shoving, dunking and other random stuff that goes on -- particularly underwater. Well, in the women's game there is a lot of grabbing and suit grabbing to be more specific mainly because there is more to grab then the men's game.

If one watched Wednesday's United States vs. Spain's women's match mentioned quite a bit about the suit grabbing which results in a foul when caught. Well, NBC showed this game live on the East and Central time zone and there was an underwater shot that revealed too much:


Via Yahoo's Fourth Place Medal.

So maybe, NBC should forgo those underwater shots, because in reality this type of thing happens all the time in women's water polo where they become exposed. There was an uproar of Twitter about the exposed nipple.

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