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Pac-12 Network Appears To Drop A Pair Of Water Polo Games That Were To Be Broadcast

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The Pac-12 Networks are set to broadcast seven men's water polo games across their various networks, whether it be on the national or regional level. Well at least that was the case when the announcement was first made. Scrolling through the Pac-12 schedule there are actually less games to be shown on their networks with five.

Originally the Sept. 22 game between the Loyola Marymount Lions and UCLA Bruins as well as Sept. 29 tilt between the Princeton Tigers and USC Trojans were to be shown on television, but according to the Pac-12 network guide those games are not to be broadcast at all. One possibility is that those games are shown online and the guide does not show what will be shown online.

The other five games are all set to be on the Pac-12 National Network, and that seems ambitious since those are also college football weekends. So it will be interesting to see if those games will be shown live. No game times have been announced for those games, but to be on the national network they likely would have to be morning games on the West Coast.

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