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Where To Find Pac-12 Network

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The Pac-12 Network is a big deal since they plan to carry at least five men's water polo games, and the network rolled out last week and there have been quite a few headaches, mainly from Comcast, on how one could get the network. There were some large areas denied completely such as Chicago, Washington D.C., Houston and others.

The markets that currently have the Pac-12 National Network outside of the foot print through Comcast are Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, Atlanta and Tampa; however they would only be in standard definition and be placed on a sports package that costs just over $10 per month.

Thanks to Pacific Takes for putting together a list of what markets can get the networks on the Comcast Digital Starter level:

• Arizona - Tucson
• Arizona State - Phoenix
• Cal & Stanford - San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose
• Colorado - Denver
• Oregon - Eugene
• Oregon State - Portland
• Stanford - San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose
• UCLA & USC - Los Angeles
• Utah - Salt Lake City
• Washington - Seattle
• Washington State - Spokane

The footprint to get the networks on the starter level is small, because the Sacramento area is considered outside of the Bay Area and thus would require a higher tiered package to get the Pac-12 Networks. So, make sure to check with Comcast if you want to make a switch or if you need to upgrade to get the channels. Comcast has the biggest question marks since they are so big and it various location by location.

Well, if you have DirecTV, as I do, we are still waiting to what is going to happen, because at this time the reports vary so much it is hard to even predict what will happen. Those who have Dish Network do not expect to see the Pac-12 Network on their lineup any time soon.

Other carriers that have Pac-12 Network(s) are Brighthouse, Time Warner and Cox Cable.

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