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2013 MPSF predictions: Stanford selected to win league

Stanford are the run away favorite to win their third straight women's MPSF water polo title.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Stanford Cardinal have been selected to win the 2013 MSPF water polo title for the fourth consecutive year by the league's coaches. The voting does not allow for a team's own coach to vote for their own team, so that is why USC [icked a first place nod.

Stanford is the odds on favorite to win their third straight NCAA water polo title. Not only do they return goalkeeper Kate Baldoni, along with reigning MPSF Newcomer of the Year Kiley Neushul, Ashley Grossman, Melissa Seidemann and Annika Dries from the U.S. National Team, plus they get freshman Maggie Steffens who was just named the 2012 FINA player of the year.

This Stanford team will be extremely tough to beat, but coming in second is USC who will attempt to knock of Stanford. The Trojans return All-Americans goalie Flora Bolonyai, Monica Vavic, Dominique Sardo, Kaleigh Gilchrist and Colleen O'Donnell.

Newcomer to the league is Cal State Bakersfield who made the switch from the WWPA to the MPSF, and they are projected to finish seventh.

Here are the season predictions:

1 Stanford 36 (6) 26-2 Overall; 7-0 MPSF/#1 (NCAA Champion)
2 USC 31 (1) 23-6 Overall; 5-2 MPSF/#2T
3 UCLA 26 23-4 Overall; 5-2 MPSF/#2T
4 California 21 18-9 Overall; 4-3 MPSF/#4T
5 Arizona State 15 25-6 Overall; 4-3 MPSF/#4T
6 San Jose State 12 19-13 Overall; 2-5 MPSF/#6
7 CSU Bakersfield 6 24-17 Overall; First Year MPSF/NA