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SoCal tournament: Princeton heads West to face top notch competition

Clive Rose - Getty Images

The No. 16 ranked Princeton Tigers headed West to take on some top notch competition at the SoCal tournament which is being played at Santa Barbara. Prior to that, Princeton was able to schedule No. 1 ranked USC Trojans before the tournament, so that they could get ready for the tough teams they would play this weekend.

In that game, Princeton lost 20-5 and just feel behind 7-2 after the first quarter, from there on it kept going down hill by trailing 11-3 at the half. The three players who put up goals for Princeton were Drew Hoffenberg and Jack Ruth each had two goals and then Matt Weber added the final goal.

With that game out of the way Princeton now faces the No. 3 ranked Stanford Cardinal in their first game at the SoCal tournament at 1:40 p.m. ET, but the odds are that Princeton will lose that game. However, that is not all bad because these types of games will just get them prepared for when they have the likes of Brown, Navy and other top East Coast teams.

The second round game for Princeton will be against host Santa Barbara or UC San Diego.

Here are the brackets for the SoCal tournament:

Bracket A

Bracket B

Bracket C

Bracket D

USC UCLA Stanford Cal
Pacific Pepperdine UCSB UC Irvine
Long Beach St. LMU UC San Diego UC Davis
St. Francis Santa Clara Princeton Air Force