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Maggie Steffens names FINA 2012 female athlete of the year

Stanford freshman Maggie Steffens was named the best female water polo player by FINA for 2012.


Maggie Steffens has yet to play a single second of collegiate water polo, but the Stanford Cardinal freshman has already accomplished a lot in the water polo world. She was the MVP of the United States team that took gold at the London Olympics.

Steffens really broke out on the scene in her Olympic debut where she scored seven goals in a 14-13 win over Hungary, and for the entire Olympics she scored 21 goals. She was recently named the 2012 FINA female player of the year.

Steffens delayed her enrollment to Stanford so that she could train for the Olympic team full team prior to the London Games. Winning this award just keeps adding to the multiple titles she was won while being on the national team.

Playing at college, even in the MPSF, will be a step down in competition compared to the Olympics and other international tournaments. However, it is unlikely that there will be a lack of motivation as Stanford is attempting to win their third straight NCAA title.