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A look at the 2013 conference changes

Conference realignment has gone rampant and it did trickle down to water polo. So, here is a guide for who is in what league for the 2013 women's season.

Clive Rose

Conference realignment caused a lot of changes in collegiate sports, and it even hit the water polo level. It is a little different with water polo with various leagues like the WWPA and MPSF which encompasses schools from various larger conferences like the Pac-12.

So, to keep everyone abreast of what teams are in what league here are the changes. The big change is San Diego State and Hawaii leaving the MPSF for the Big West. The MPSF does gain Cal State Bakersfield who comes from the WWPA, but the trade off is not equal as the Big West gets tougher and the MPSF loses two solid teams.

The result on this expansion has the biggest effect on the Big West, which will now have four very good teams at the top instead of just two. That will make for a very interesting conference tournament.


2012 2013
Stanford Stanford
California California
Arizona State Arizona State
San Jose State San Jose State
Hawaii Cal State Bakersfield
San Diego State

Big West

2012 2013
Cal State Northridge Cal State Northridge
Long Beach State Long Beach State
Pacific Pacific
UC Davis UC Davis
UC Irvine UC Irvine
UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Barbara
San Diego State


2012 2013
Cal State East Bay Cal State East Bay
UC San Diego UC San Diego
Cal State Bernardino Santa Clara
Cal State Monterey Bay Colorado State
Sonoma State Sonoma State
Santa Clara Cal State Monterey Bay
Colorado State Cal State Bernardino
Cal State Bakersfield